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About KinderBounce: Who we are and why we're great!

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  • Unique gymnastics, dance, song & game programs
  • One of a kind programs specifically geared for children ages 1.5 – 6 years
  • Interactive Parent and Tot program
  • Unbeatable 6:1 child teacher ratio
  • State of the art “just for kids” equipment
  • Bounce control trampolines and trainer trampolines
  • NCCP certified, experienced and friendly staff
  • Flexible scheduling – daytime, evenings and weekends (see class times)

(Please refer to our class times and pricing for more detailed information).

About the Program Director and Owner of The Fit for Life Group

Ruthy Dunec is a graduate of the York University Kinesiology Program and is a Level Two NCCP certified gymnastics and trampoline coach. From the age of 16 Ruthy has taught gymnastics and acrobatics at both the competitive and recreational level.

In addition to her coaching Ruthy has worked with children of all ages in a sports camp setting for the last 15 years. Instilling a love for fitness, health and vitality has become Ruthy’s central goal in life.

Our Unique Graduated System

Bouncing Babies (1.5 – 2.2 years of age) – Exposure phase:
Through exposure to equipment and trying out different gymnastics skills, with the assistance of the parents/guardian, the child will begin to develop their gross motor skills. As well, they will explore and learn what their body is capable of. They begin to understand gravity and how to defy it on different apparatus like trampoline, bars, beam and when jumping on and off of equipment. 
See schedule for details.
Tumbling Toddlers (2.3 – 2.9 years of age) – Familiarity phase:
After being exposed to the equipment in the previous phase and becoming comfortable in the gymnastics environment (this often takes a few months) the toddlers are familiar with their surroundings and become more adventurous which allows them to develop even further.
See schedule for details.
Jumping Juniors (3 – 3.9 years of age) – Learning and interactive phases:
At this age the parents/guardians become the viewer and the child participates in the class together with other children and their coach. The children then begin a whole new process of learning by observing their coach and classmates and not having their whole focus on the parent/guardian. As well the interactive phase begins as the children learn to interact and play with other children without their parent/guardian present. The learning process is also to a very large extent assisted; the skills your child is learning is done with the spotting of the coach. Until the coach feels that it is totally safe for the child to try the skill on their own the coach will properly assist the child with the skill. During this phase the exposure and familiarity phase are taking place as they are shown and taken through various new skills.
See schedule for details.
Swinging Stars (4 - 4.9 years of age) – Independent and improvement phases: 
During these phases the children begin to do most skills independently, as well they begin to improve on the skills as they are getting older, stronger and more flexible. During this phase the learning and interactive phases are still taking place as the coaches introduce new skills into the program.
See schedule for details.
Advancing Athletes (5 - 5.9 years of age) – Advancing & confidence phases:
During these phases as the children's bodies develop to become stronger, more flexible and more proportionate for the sport, the skills they learned during the earlier phases progress into more difficult skills. These skills begin to resemble the more standard skills seen in the sport. For example, they are better able to execute their handstands and cartwheels because of the progress they have made through the other phases. Furthermore, by going through the KinderBounce Gymnastics graduated system they become more confident in their ability to perform the skills and future skills taught to them.
See schedule for details.

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