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Malka and Hannah love KinderBounce. Each day they wake up asking if it is time to go to gymnastics. Malka started in the mom and tot class and now enjoys working with the KinderBounce teachers. The class sizes are small enough so that all the kids get personal attention. Hannah, who is in the mom and tot class loves jumping on the trampoline and even practices at home on our bed.

Sharlene Goldstein

The KinderBounce program is a great introduction to Gymnastics. My four year old has really enjoyed the small group size classes. Ruthy is a great hands on instructor who makes the program fun by teaching all the basic skills and advancing the kids as their skill level dictates. I would definitely recommend the KinderBounce classes to anyone who is looking for a gymnastics program for their young children.

Karen Benchabo

Kinderbounce has provided a great opportunity for Ashley to develop her motor and social skills. Ruthy really gets the children motivated in a fun and active setting, complete with music. It is so important for young children to participate in physical activity, and in turn, Ashley really gets excited to go to her gymnastics class.

Shoshana Hauer

Kinderbounce gymnastics is head and shoulders above any other programme my daughter has participated in. She is consistently excited and energized by the variety of activities designed to develop her strength, coordination, balance and flexibility in a fun yet challenging way. The coaches are very supportive and the classes are small and adapted to suit each child's skill level. I strongly recommend this programme to parents looking for a safe and encouraging environment where their children can improve their overall fitness level while developing new skills and having fun.

Stephanie Irvine, parent and elementary teacher

The Kinderbounce class is the highlight of my son's week. I am consistently amazed not only by the new skills he has learned but the confidence he has gained in this program. To top it off, Ruthy really understands the needs of both kids and parents. For the kids, she explains skills in a way they understand, plays their favourite music in the gym and ends each session with sticker rewards. For parents, there is a great viewing gallery and generous policy for missed classes. Thanks for providing such a great experience for my son.

D. Simon

My twin girls absolutely love the fun-filled, action packed hour at KinderBounce. I love the fact that they have developed strength, coordination, balance and endurance in a very age-appropriate, safe and playful way.

Mandy Jacobson

My twin boys took two sessions at KinderBounce with two of their friends and they all had a fantastic time. As a mother I saw improvement from session one to session two and loved the variety of gymnastics activities they experienced in one hour. I found KinderBounce to be a perfect program for our boys. The rings, horse, and rope climbing were just a few of the "boy" activities they enjoyed. I would and have recommended KinderBounce to friends and strangers looking for a great gymnastics program for the younger set.

Michelle Z.

My daughter loves Kinder Bounce, since joining the gymnastics program, her confidence has gone up. She loves trying all the equipment as she is learning how to work all the apparatus. She has become stronger physically and mentally and seeing her ear to ear smile at every class is priceless. I would recommend KinderBounce, as not only do the kids learn different techniques, they also feel safe and secure by the staff.

Penny Freeman

KinderBounce Gymnastics has been an excellent experience for my 3 year old son. He is tentative by nature and so we were looking for a program that would help him develop his gross motor skills and his confidence. The parent and tot program has done just that! To see him go from being afraid of the long trampoline last spring, to leading his classmates on it this fall, has been amazing, satisfying, and very rewarding.

Cindy Kenyon

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